Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday 14th was HOT, HOT ,HOT

FLT CMNDR Sue and I decided some aviaiting was in order.

Looking back to the Mountain from Threshold 27.

FC Sue looking suitably ready for some Sky.

We did try for the summit but she gave as a decent Slap so we went Coastal.

FC Sue getting some Rays. It was warm up in the sky.

A few from Opunake way.


Yours truly doing the PILOTY thing that's the Tasman sea in background.

Arriving in the overhead & decided on 27.

Gary & SNG back in from Turangi to see the Rellies.

Heading for the Pumps.

JTA arriving in the Overhead.

Precision Choppers Long Ranger were in for a drop off.

SNG on the Taxi 27

An interesting Gaggle of flying machines.

JAU just chilling for a bit.

Whilst the lads Man handle the 701 back into the shade.

Titan & Hawk just chewing the Phat.

Main engine start and he's off on a Taxi about to keep everything regular.

Gary giving her a full power run up Alan & I supplying Ballast. Got some grunt.

After all that some refreshment was required.

Glider release.

SNG with Gary back in. 

Matt was in looks like his Choppers been breeding produced this lil fella.

It was so hot he had Aircon on yes the doors were off it was that hot.

In the process of dropping his Girl back home. Bit of a drive from his place other wise.

Mean while Alan & Gary were back in.

All fuelled up outa here.

The EM team were also out today so the Aerodrome was well used.

Mmmmm no flashing light ..... Considering the amount of traffic about today.

Nice end of the day.

Vid's here today.


See ya 

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