Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday the 28th HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT did I mention it was HOT HOT.

Although the below pic is from last WED Keith (Civil Air Blog) took a pic of me taking a pic of Al & RFD for the Blog.

The Taranaki Vintage Car Club were out for a look about last week and I suspect they were impressed with what was hiding in the Hangars at Stratford Aerodrome.

Young-uns Trying SSF out.

Setting off to look at another fine flying Machine.

Then as we were walking back this lil Tacker appeared must have been thirsty.

Back to today.

SNJ heading North outa RWY-09

Just about to Vacate to PP RWY-09.

Me Ma preparing herself for aviation hey beats driving ....

Looking suitably relaxed around Himitangi I think.

On the Ground PP (Paraparaumu) a bit stormy with a to 15 to 20 knot breeze.

Had a chat to the RV lads here getting ready to blast off RWY-16

Note huge Building at the end of RWY-30. Oh and sexy looking 601.

Airways very slick looking Piper Cheyanne.

Dinky lil Acro Sport 2

Looking back towards PP

Roaring North up the Coast towards SD

Para Sailor just below the wing.


Range Tower at the Raumai Range.

Some big CB's building inland.

WU (Wanganui Airport)

Yeah Man.

A low haze was evident about  10 Clicks west of Wanganui quite thick in places and down to 2 k's just before Hawera.

Fonterra Whareroa Planet where I spend  lot of my working time now.

No.1 Nav aid comes into view

More build up's


Approaching SD from the South West.

Some SD Aerodrome pics.

Nice end to the day still HOT HOT HOT.


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