Monday, January 8, 2018

Sunday 7th Jan was Hot and Muggy.

Some Sundown Shots from Sat 6th

Sunday 7th saw the Glider dudes out in force and by all accounts got some good air for a change.

SSF was out with Brian & Don. Check out that heat haze it was hot probably late 20's early 30's on the ground.

In saying that DENSITY ALTITUDE gonna be a big factor round the country this  year.

Case in point SD at 946ft DA was probably closer to 2000ft so just be AWARE.

Usual mismash down end of 27 with Gliders.

Chaps back in heading for the Pumps.

Glider undeer Tow a wobbly one as good Crosswind going on.

SSF about to enjoy some nice refreshing top shelf AVGAS.

Then onto the Hard stand to a wait for it's next mission.

Nice Summer scene.

The SACSF No.1 Fighter Wing heading for Rwy-16.

Outstanding Fuel Facility with a excellent GTO for Sexy looking appeal.


The Fighter Wing lined up and ready for Blast Off.

The LIL RUSSKI JTA was in for the day.

SSF just Chillaxing in the Sun.

Gary H was out for a bit as Bruce M.

Gary was on Holiday came back with a War wound. He said ya should have seen the other other fella. Good reason not to go Cycling.

Hard and dangerous work being on Holiday.

The Lads back from Patrol all is well in the District of Stratford.

One of those Sailboats of the sky being man handled into the sky by TGC.

Andrew was out for some more training with SSF & Wayne.

Fast & Slow movers.

SNJ being looked over.

Andrew heading over to do Pre Flight etc on SSF.

Doing the walk around stuff.

Making sure doing it right with CFI watching ya.

SNG & Gary away on the Taxi 16.

He's off

SSF on Taxi for 16.

Don chatting to some Visitors.

Some instructing going on there.

Some more refreshment in order.

I suspect they talking Airplane stuff.

Gliders meandering round the runway.

Gaggle of flying machines.

SNW & Wayne away for a Blat.

SNW arriving back in the overhead.

JTA away 16

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