Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wed 3rd Jan was over cast and Cloud it rained and then the Sun came out.

Took me Ma for a fly forgot to take pic.

Kenny was out and about and as you can see not great photo taking WX.

He's off.

Looking Northish a bit of Blue.

Then back in for a bit although back and forth as wanted to get in before the big wind and Blow that's coming.

Piper Cub BQV appeared in the overhead. From Te Kowhai (http://www.supercub.co.nz/index.html) witth Bill &b Olivia on board.

The lads were excited hadn't seen one of those for a bit.

Landing RWY-34.

Check out that sky.

Slow Mover & Fast Mover

BQV has just had a refit and looks spectacular is powered by 0200 and can fly for around 6 hours or 450 miles give or take.

Olivia & Bill checking out Mustang Isobel as ya do.

Olivia was doing her Commercial Dual Cross Country in the CUB they had been a few spots before stopping in at SD once comfort stop had been attended to with a good refreshing drink they were of  to New Plymouth then home before the WX turned.

Getting ready to head NP.

On the Taxi for Rwy-09

Don was out again this time he had Lucia out for a Blat

BQV outa here.

FLT CMNDR Frankie was back again for another blat as well.

Mean while FLT CMNDR Lucia waiting for her Pilot Squadron Leader Don.

FLT CMNDR Frankie over seeing the thing.

Kenny getting ready to put SND to bed as SNJ taxi's for RWY-09

Then back in RWY-09

FLT CMNDR Frankie making sure everything is Ship shape etc.

A two thumbs up again Sweet.

Lucia out Frankie in.

Strapping in this time 2 x cushions.

That's better can see out a bit better.

Mustang had been out and about after some tickling.

Wayne had been up in White Knight which would have been interesting as it's built for Gary.

On the Taxi back to the Hangar.

Harley Bumble Bee Hunting.

Looking East from my place.

Same time out the back door looking West.

Vid's are here.


Outa Here

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