Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday 16th was over cast txhenm turned out bueat Blue sky day.

Our English Visitors tryinmg out the Mustang

First Arrivals from Southland etc

Then the other half trying the Mustang on.

Ah some Avgas to go thanks.

Then the full Mustang shot.

More Arriving

Standing round doing Stuff.

Uncle & Brian about to penitrate NP Airspace.

Gary & RVH out for a Blat.

Charf Cutter Zooming past

CHB from  Central Hawks Bay Landing & on Finals 34

Cub Ditto 34

The Drifter arriving in the Overhead Landed Rwy-34

The Flight Line filling up.

Drifter turning final 34

Mountain slowly making her way out.

Gyro's Arriving.

kite wing about to gt Airbourne of 34

Just waiting on 2 more

Nice casual Dinner of F & C with Pizza and a few Ales to wash it down with.

Sat should be interesting.

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