Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Right here is the PLAN for the Weekend Memorize it there will be a test when ya Land :0)

Some Photo's of the Area.

Looking back to the South West  and the Club House.

Between Rwy-27 & Rwy-16

Finals for Rwy-16

Finals Rwy-09

Downwind for Rwy-09

Base Rwy-09

About to turn finals Rwy-09

Finals Rwy-09

Finals Rwy -16

Threshold Rwy-27 looking West & the big Pointy thing

Landing Rwy-09

Landing Rwy-27

Finals Rwy-09

Runup area Rwy-27


Looking South East at Rwy-09 & Rwy-34 in the Background.

SSF modelling the Aerodrome North East.

Same shot a bit Closer.

You can confirm you in the right place says where ya at on the Roof Hangar 1

White Cliffs coming down the coast from the North.

Lake Ratipiko.which you will pass over once clear of White Cliffs and tracking for Stratford

If you are in the NP Control Zone (which has now shrunk) and tracking South you will see Paritutu Rock and the Port and the Ole Power Station Chimney.

Looking towards the Central Plateau RVH taking off Rwy-27

If arriving from the East you will pass over the Republic of Whanga

Looking South from SD at Hawera & The Whareroa Dairy Factory and the Coast

Looking at the Aerodrome from the South East 

The Local Stock Car Track & A & P Showgrounds to the West of the Aerodrome.

From the East the Aerodrome and Stratford Town behind.

Looking from the South West past Stratford Town to the Aerodrome with Race Course mid photo.

Stratford from the South looking North down State Highway 3

The Weather Factory at rest she controls everything.

Fantams Peak the bit out to the South.

Another High shot from the North.

Remember its Right hand for Rwy-27 # Left hand for Rwy-09 #Right Hand for Rwy-16 # Left Hand for Rwy-34

Stratford is 946 Foot

Also there is a Danger Area over  the Power Station which is 1200 foot so if you join Left Hand for 27 you will break it. So don't.

Have a good flight see ya Friday or Saturday.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant photos Nick...your efforts to put them up for all to see and enjoy are much appreciated.