Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sat 3rd was warm windy with a nice temp level.

Now our new Kitties Scully (R) & Missy (L) checking out for the first time the really Cats out side.

Sat there for quite sometime.

Mean while back down at the Aerodrome Mark & LTH had just returned from Spreading goodness about the place. Wasn't ready with Camera Bugger quite a snazzy join and approach a cough on finals to clear the Hopper Bugger Bugger.

Letting the Turby stabilize and cool before and probably looking for the Hangar door opener

Will & Pete were in for a look they hail from Urenui decide to come see what we all about.

Here checking out the Mustang as ya do.

Now they had been to the Evergreen Museum last time in the States.

747 Hydra Slide project.

That's one big Display hall. Needs to be.

Yes that is the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose. Still the Biggest Aircraft ever built.

Yours truly giving Hangar 1 a tickle today that's one whacking great Roof ...1 4 Litre tin paint Poof gone.


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