Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wed 14th was not to bad WX wise I mean look at that Blue Sky.

Mark & LTK heading for 27  arriving from the Northish.


Mark's young Man on Guard Duty or he pissed Mum off & was packed off with Mark for the Day ?.

He was quite happy with a Tummy Scratch as I wandered past.

Heading for the Hangar.

About to enter the Hangar

Now the Transformation of Don's Sonerai has begun as she a bit hard to see sometimes being Grey like.

Now that looks like one really pissed of Russian.

Another great Job by Kylie from  Gravity Design in New Plymouth


Quite interesting to see how it's done how it's planned. SNJ has some serious Compound Curves to be dealt with not as easy as it looks.

Looks bloody Awesome and she is not finished yet this just the Beginning

Camouflage of the Dork up front. That's some serious Teeth there.

The Curves one has to work with.

The EM Team were had at it today so much so had to turn the lights off .....

What an Awesome evening


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