Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Part 2 of the Scout Camp Fly 2018

A cracker day was Sunday 18th the Central Plateau looking Stunning.

Then the Mako Appeared outa the Blue.

Scout Team catching the Mako Touch Down.

The RNZAF crew of the A109 Mako that arrived up from Ohakea on a spectacular Sunny NAKI Day especially for this Camp.

Dave (Engineer) on the Left, Centre Chris Pilot (Captain for the day) and right Glenn Pilot (Co-Pilot) taking questions from the kids and some were quite curly ones so the Chaps were kept on there spot.

Making there way out to have a look around the Chopper,

The SD Team checking the lil noisy fella out. 

The questions just kept coming.

Well he looks like he was born to be in there.

Group Shot with the MAKO

More chatting

Mean while Kenny man handling SND out into the sun

Gary & RVH were out also.

Kenny taxing for 27

Team MAKO  assemble for the crew Photo.

Dave, Glenn, Chris

Getting ready to head back to Ohakea.

Glenn showing there Survival Packs and telling us what he has in them.

The seagulls also turned up to check out all the Action.

Dave giving her a good look over before Start up.

Chris getting his Flying face on.

Dave checking the Mako out on Start up.

Gone Burger thanks team great to have you welcome back anytime.

Interesting Automobile

Brian & Ross headin out for a bit in SFF

Kenny heading out for another bit of Sky Burning.

RVH waiting for its next ride.

Cresco Team back in.

Its all go.

SND back heading for the Hangar

SSF back after a blat around with Shaun & Phillipa

Rob & Daniel with SAL were in for a bit also.

As always Mark & Keith from Aeroworks are happy to show of the Cresco and allowed the Scouts a free reign to look her over.

That's were they keep there Lunch when on the Job.

Checking out the office.

Aerowork Chill out corner.

Happy Aeroworkers

Pre presentation Chat.

Ross & Brian heading for 09

Young Fan checking them out as they zoom past.

Bruce doing is Scout Leader thing

The Presentations about to begin.

Just as Gary arrived back in the overhead.

Presentations have started

Scout Leader # Bruce.

Support Team # Antoinette, Stan & Samantha

The Scouts were

Kevin, Daniel, Richard, Luke, Dexter, Stevan, Kyran, Ryan, Cameron, Jacob, Cody, Boni, Caleb

The Iceman & Ross back in.

Lads talking Airplane I suspect.

Ross looking pleased with himself.

Ross with a Spring in is step after his Flight.

Some great comments.

SAL taking Team Wilcox back to home base.

Andrew was out here outa 09.

BIG thanks to everyone who made this weekend what it was AWESOME & OUTSTANDING

Outa here.

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