Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sat the 10th March was a pearler sunny warmish.

601 SRF was in from Rangiora via Paraparaum with Team James on board.

Here for the Weekend in SUNNY Taranaki.

We had Ruapeahu out for tem as well 

Mark and LTH  arrived from the South East Landing 16.

Good to see the Picnic Tables being well used. This was one of Matt's Lads who spent all yesterday flying out people from Blue Duck Station in Taumaranui around 7 choppers in all and took all day.

Time for some R & R with the Family.

Mountain looking fine.

Hmmmm no Flashing Beacon well there ya go.

Gliders trying there luck.

Jet Ranger whizzing past.

Gary & RVH about to bug out for Hawera.

A big surprise Gary has put RVH up for sale so if ya after a RV-4 give him a ring well used never a hangar queen. She as been everywhere man.

Mmm another Beacon less Glider Vehicle ah well they know what they doing I spose Safety not at the top of the list.

Heading Hawera see whats going down. This is the replacement Fly-in for te Cancelled SAA Fly-in at Waipuk.

Awesome day for Flying.

Big Yella doing its thing.

Some of the a massed crowd at Hawera

Hawera's new A32 Vixen. Here being washed by Tony (the Prez) gonna have to Train te Students to do that.

Jodel D11 RNR was in and about to leave when got there. 

Some more of the a Massed Crowd

The Bearhawk Patrol looking fine in the Sun.

RNR on te Taxi for RWY-07

The Vixen looking Sassy.

SHN & the Duce looking fine.

DGO also looking Slick enjoyed flying her back in te day.

On the way back to SD out Rwy-14.

Nice day so headed for the Summit.

The Plateau Carpark up past the Mountain house.

Ski Field looking suitably un Skiable at the Mo.

Fantams Peak Hut and Outhouse.

Bit of a Slip on the Western side of Mountain.

Only bit of Ice up between the Sharks Tooth & the Summit.

Strattie from 8000 foot.

The very Rear Beaver foot Prints.

In on WED heading for WOW.

Gary & SNG in for a bit.

On taxi 09

RSR on taxi for 09

Aircon on

Aircon not on.

Flight Deck RSR.

Local Oil Rig between Stratford and Midhurst.

Whats left of my Woodshed

Base for Ferndene Strip.

On the ground.

Alan doing a lil Jig.

Gary & Al talking Plane.

On the Taxi for Blast Off.

Al decided to Penetrate NP Airspace ATC were very helpful and we trundled down the Coast looking at the sites here looking towards the port.

The Snazzy looking Bridge.

Sugar Loaf Islands

If ya doing visiting might as well use ya brand new Airbus EC135

Another nice Mountain Shot.

Norfolk looking a Tad quiet.

Arriving back at SD 

We know that cause it says so .

Speedways on tonight

Outa here.

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