Monday, March 19, 2018

Sat 17th Was Warm/Cool at the same time very nice.

Cessna 180 ZK-FRY was going round & round the Circuit. She is of rebuild up at Norfolk Rd Field at Gareth's Restoration Shop. Nice job.

This woke up the Scouts at the 

Scout Aviation Camp 2018 held at Stratford Aerodrome.


Hosted by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers & Taranaki Gliding Club & a whole bunch of other people. 

The Scout Camp set up in the Carpark.

A scout and his Camp.

SSF & Wayne gearing up for some Scout Flying.  After all said and done she did 5.8 hours so a full on day for SSF &  Wayne. Some of the Scouts were able to book the time as Wayne being CFI an Awl to add to there Logbooks.

ZK-FRY on short finals SSF on the Taxi for 27.

Scouts looking on at the action as that's first Scout away. 

Gliding Team getting ready.

Looking back towards Club House where the Logistic's were well in hand. 

TV & JPX just chilling.

Bruce (Scout Leader & Wrangler) providing some direction for one of the Scouts.

Another Scout returning from a Flight.

I suspect he's a bit Stoked about it all.

Getting the low down on how everything works.

SSF holding point 27 gliders getting ready.

Some of the Scouts wandered over to check out the Mustang.

Mark was in for Keith to pick up Truck.

Mean while another Scout away team looking on.

A quick windscreen Clean and away again.

The Chow tent all set up.

Another happy Scout.

Boni on her way out for a Fly.

and back.

A thumbs up all good.

Time for some more gas.

Another Scout ready to hit the Skies,

The Gliding Team had fired up after changing ends due wind change.

Another Scout ready for a Blast.

Getting the run down how everything works and runs.

Boni getting Ready for the Birthday thing as she turned the big 13 on Sat the 17th.

The first cake.

Antonette (Chief Food Specialist) advising.

Then the Candle lighting ceremony.

Well he looks pretty happy.

Yeah man.

Yo on there way.

Don had SNJ out here getting some top shelf Avgas.

Gary was also in and after doing a Circuit he spent the rest of the Afternoon giving the Scouts the Mustang experience with was around 3 hours all up. 

Two of Gary's favorite things.

The waiting Throngs hanging out for a Mustang Experience.

Before that they checked out SSF heading back from another Sortie.

Also checking out SNG.

Gary back in from the circuit and a good warm up.

First up was the Birthday Girl Boni

TVG preparing to Aviate. 

Don offered Samantha a ride in SNJ and was really stoked with the Flight.

They kept coming and he looks suitably aviated.

Boni back after her Mustang experience looking real pleased.

Still smiling the Mustang Grin.

Scout Leader Mike from New Plymouth also had the opportunity to strap on the Mustang I suspect he was suitably thrilled about it. 

Scout sorting out his stuff before the aviating thing.

Chief Scout Leader & Wrangler Bruce J also had the opportunity for some Aviation.

New Gary was out for a bit and gave JAU a run around.

Alan was out as well ( a big thanks to Alan for delivering me the Card Reader the other day so we could get the Pump up and running cheers fella much appreciated) here chatting aviation with Don.

Some more Scouts checking out the Action.

JAU taxing towards those big Teeth.

Another Mustang experience about to Happen.

The Bruce a man with the endless patience of a Saint should have a Halo. He didn't have to get his electric Scout Prod all weekend.

Mustang away again.

Group Photo with Mustang & Club Trainer.

A big Thanks to Bruce Jamison (Scout Leader)  with Antoinette  & Samantha with Stan Buckley (Camp Mom, Chief Logistic's , Food Specialist and Support) also others they were there all weekend giving there time etc as one doe's.

Awesome , Outstanding great Job Team.

Gary about to head out for Ferndene in SNG after a Hard afternoons Mustanging everyone round the district.

Big thanks to Gary everyone had a blast getting the Mustang experience.

Awesome Fella.

Scouts doing some Domestics ?.

Again big thanks to everyone you know who you are.

Part 2 shortly.

Vids here.


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