Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sat 3rd March was a tad warm.

Mark & PANTHER PMD were up from Feilding for the day.

Getting ready to Taxi for 09.

Oh matching Club Emblems.

Sonerai's about to taxi for 09.

Just about to Formation Take Off.

Mean while in Hangar 2 RSR had been got at and left up on Blocks DANG.

Outside the Sonerais were joining overhead.

Then Al & Ann chugged past in Big Yella.

Back in Hangar 2 things were a foot Gary busy guarding the Tire make sure the Sucker didn't get away.

The re fitting of the Tire well in hand after some application of some new bearings.

In with Andrew for some Overhead re-join training.

Rebel Team SNW & SNG away for some more Formation practice.

Looking down at the Bustling Metropolis TOKO east of Stratford.

A very Hazy looking Aerodrome looking back from the South East.

Another Shot from the South West.

Andrew checking stuff out.

Just bailed out so Andrew can continue T & G's & O/head re-joins.

SNG heading for the Pumps.

Al & Anne arriving in the overhead.

Alan about to aviate after the Tyre thing. He making sure some lil sucker doing what it's sposed to.

Making sure the Bone Dome is tied on.

RFD down on RWY-34

Busy Busy.

Closely followed b y RSR.

Now if you get here at Stratford and no ones about call these guys.

Andrew and SSF zooming past the Weather Station.

Alan & RSR in the overhead.

RSR doing the weather Station as well.

SSF and Andrew on Finals 27

Away for another T & G.

Looking all under Control.

RSR turning Finals 27.

Parking up for a good Blat.

Sexy looking Avgas Pump.


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