Friday, March 2, 2018

Sat Morning 17th RAANZ Fly-in. Everyone just chilling doing the breakfast thing.

The Briefing for the Morning Comps and also advising there is a Ride in the Catalina and also being able to Rummage around in Brett's and Pete's Hangars in NP.

Heavily Subscribed.

Bantam waiting for some ATC Cadets which we managed to all get up. Had to change to the Club plane as it got to busy for the Nordo thing.

The ATC camp.

Some of the RAANZ members just talking Airplanes I suspect.

Good gaggle flying Machines.

Cadets awaiting SSF for a Flight.

The camping next to ones Aircraft was pretty popular.

Some were offered hangars as well

Those below were the Hardy ones eh Bill.

Panther Chewing the Phat with Jaws.

Lunch was pretty popular Sue & Young Frankie doing the Biz.

A HUGE thanks to Sue,Jil,Gwen & lil Frankie a big day.

Had a lot of people come and tell me how impressed they were with the Service by the Ladies. Excellent well done and Outstanding.

Some of the Public checking out Flying Machines.

The Mule (Provided by Al & Warner Construction cheers Al really made life a lot Easier with couple Fans Gary & Jill .

Although one had to be quick as Mule Driver Frankie was pretty keen under supervision of course and some Training by Al.

TVG & JPX just Chilling.

TVG looking Slick as always.

Bit of a que at the Pumps.

Ross trying out the BIG PUSS the Panther. Mark making sure he don't push any buttons as there is quite a selection.

SNW away 27. 

Stu & Brian organizing themselves for the Mass fly to NP.

Some more Mass Flyers.

Stu doing the Pre Flying Thing.

First lot of Mass Fly group heading to NP.

Oh Blue sky.

SSF leading the Pack.

Will with Dad checking out the Action and scored a fly in the Trike.

Standby Will we will get ya up when it's a bit more user friendly.

Check out the Bomber Jacket.

Some different nose profiles.

Big Al away.

The Tail end profile of the side by side Gyro.

Bit of a Glut down 27

Part of the High wing mass Take Off.

A young Fan checking out the Action.

Gary was also buzzing round in RVH

Another Mustang Fan

Brian was also quite taken with Isobel.

Both trying it on for size.

Check out the Plane Jam at the Pumps.

A gaggle fast movers.

Another que for Gas.

Kenny overhead the Mule.

Sonerai's The REBEL,s
INCOMING Looking Slick.

The Crowd watching the Proceedings.

Couple Flex Wins getting snuggley.

Oh the pace is on Kenny edging out Gary at the Mo.

Wayne leading just before the Turn. down the Runway.

Don showing his new set of Teeth.

Looks great something rather different.

Jodel D11 chugging past great to see it.

Kenny on Kid wrangling duties having a chat with Gary

Dinner it looks like everyone digging in. Food was awesome if do say so myself.

ladies hard at it and Frankie looks like starting to feel it been a long day.

The Heavies and the Lightees.

Happy campers.

Trikes heading North and Aucklandish.

Peoples getting ready to head off here our Italians Visitors.

Our Italian Visitors came back from there Travels as they  enjoyed Stratford and Taranaki and ad a blast.

Wendy getting ready to Blast off for Hawkes Bay

CHB also getting ready to head off For Hawkes Bay.

The WETA incident a distant memory.

CHB & her Prople getting suitably comfotable before heading out.

Tecnam onn the Taxi for 27

Drifter and Cub about to taxi for 27

CHB on the Taxi for  27

Our Italians getting ready  to Bug out.

Drifter heading Feilding.

A tad busy down 27.

Wendy & JDP away.

Sky Arrow on taxi 27 heading for Feilding.

The Pelican heading for 27 as well.

SNG encouraging Gary to put some Avgas in.

Mark & Panther away 27.

CHB heading South Eastish.

Closely followed by Wendy in JDP

The Sky Arrow bring up the Rear.

The Gyro\s preparing to head off.

Club House looking Fine

Yes we had the sign out to make sure you were in the right place

Gyro's just about head for 27.

Great to see them and thanks for coming.

Team Law came out for a look about.

Nice Chap came out and gave us a framed shot of Mark doing his thing with the Cresco at the 85th.

Cheers Man & thanks.

Now this here Young Aussie fella was a bit bummed missed the Fly-in but an opportunity to Strap on the Mustang was  great substitute.

he took the Mustang Grin back to Oz.

That's it.

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