Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sun the 11th was a corker and then some.

Cell phone pics as SD card fell out of my Camera this AM when charging the Sucker.

The Rebel Team were out

Young Chap from the Kapiti in showed him what we had and of course ya gotta have sit in the Mustang.

This Afternoon we had some young Tourists from Argentina in this arvo Here young fella strapped on the Mustang as you do. Think he was pretty Stoked.

We were going to use the Club plane but the lads decided to give them the Sonerai Experience. 

On arrival back I suspect they enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the for giving of there time and planes. 

Andrew looking suitably chuffed with himself as he should. I was doing the Instructing thing as it Andrews first time at Penetrating New Plymouth Airspace. A good run was had as we had other Traffic a Heavy no less a DASH 8 and a slight bit of Wake Turbulence to deal with. A few Circuits also thrown in. He got to do the Final call as we left. Next time have to be doing all radio calls.....should be fun. 

Good to see wearing the right head gear as well.

On the way home. What a stunning day.


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