Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday the 25th Started out a bit Flukey ten turned into this nice Sunny day.

Couple nice looking Airplanes.

SNW & Wayne getting some TOP Shelf AVGAS.

SNG just chilling in the Sun.

Jason off again zooming around the Circuit.

Don & Frankie heading out for some Aviation.

RFD & Alan heading out for some sky smashing. Jeez that big yella thing is quiet.

Al's ride for the day nice.

SNW taking 5.

Jason short finals 27.

Away again.

Then SNJ short Finals.

Alan away 27.


Some chilling nose TD's & Jason has worn himself out in the Nose Dragger.

Alan joining the overhead.

As is the PANTHER.

Talking Airplane I suspect.

Frankies & Don's Dog just chilling in the Sun.

The Draggers chewing the Phat.

Some of our high flying Members passing by.

Wayne giving the PANTHER a flick about.

Al back in.

Got Ya.

Big Puss passing thru.

back in.

The REBEL's of again to see Mark and PMD out of Taranaki Airspace.

Out for fly he trucking along with Alan & RSR.

Playing in the SUN.

The big Peel off then Camera Battery died. BUGGER.

Al got one of me & SSF

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