Saturday, April 28, 2018

27th April saw DON & SNJ away or a whizz around the District with Mike on board.

Now there is a vicious rumor going round that it's Winter and looking at this Pic you would probably think so....

But no that's Lindsey from Brizzie (Oz) so I suspect any thing below 25C would feel a little Antarctic like.

Ya gotta remember we are Alpine her in Strattie. 

Mike & Don back from there Blat.

One suspects he enjoyed that 

Check out Squadron Leader Sharky (Don) with his new Campbell Helmet done in a very nice blue. These are Kevlar dome with leather over lay and beautifully done ya gotta see one to appreciate it.

Next up was Lindsey now she is either smiling because she got Married on ANZAC day (Congrats) to Don's boy Gus or she is about to take to the Skies.

Probably a bit of both.

Mean while whilst they were out flying Mike and I wandered over to check out the Mustang as ya do. .
I suspect he wants one.

Then were heard the flying  machine return.

Looking pretty happy about things.

Yus Whoo Hoo.

We then wandered over to the Mustang this time for Lindsey to Strap it on..


Yes In think they have been Mustanged.

Gary & SNG arrived so they went up and showed them what they been practising for a bit.

Then Gary was of heading home to Ferndene

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