Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ANZAC DAY April 25th was a stunner WX wise considering we were supposed to get showers.

Pulled the Mustang out to warm natural like in the sun.

Isn't she lovely I suspect some snow will be replenished at some point.

Kenny was out after being Somewheres else for a bit so going over SND pretty thoroughly and see if she starts.

And start she did first try.

Oh that's a slick looking Landrover.

Kenny Away 27 to intercept Gary & SNG


After intercepting Gary they flew round In Formation for a bit. Looking pretty Slick.


Mark & LTH were back in to drop the Spreader Off quick smart and thought Pilots just sit there not on this job ya don't

Gary opening the hatch so we can give her  pull through always gotta do this on ya Rotax prior to first Flight.

Some gas to go.

Then off to do there ANZAC Flight.

ANZAC Flight they Covered Stratford , Eltham , Hawera, Manaia , Opunake , Rahotu , Oakura , New Plymouth , Egmont Village and Inglewood then back to SD a good effort.

Alan & RFD were out here getting ready to blast off 27.

Interesting planes these Blue one Russian the Yellow one is Ukrainian but they get on fine.

Chaps back from the ANZAC fly around.

Alan back in Landing 16.

Gary been to Ferndene landing 27

Out popped is Grandson who apparently says he's not to sell it the Mustang.

Al & Kevin (Dog) heading home

Very nice Ford GT

Mustang heading Ferndene again

Then back again.

SNG just chilling.

Glider Break away.

SNG heading home.


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rayner123 said...

hawera aero club also did a fly over using cherokee dgl,152 unb 172 eos.i missed it all as i was heading out to the coast to pick up there rubbish.....some one has to do it,keep up the good work on the blog nick cheers nathan