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Righto Friday 30th Easter 2018 a 6 ship formation set of for Wanaka.

Part One

Consisting of  
which were jionrd at PP by the Felding Crew

Andrew & I lining up RWY-27 on what can only be termed as a Spectacular day I mean look at the Mountain.

About to blast off.

So smooth we flew inland a bit just stunning.

Just a bit of mist about nothing to write home about.

Flew in loose formation with Alan in RSR & also Rob & Gwen in SAL.

A happy aviator.

Approaching PP.

Andrew anticipating his first away landing PP.

The Fast Movers zooming past SNW

SNG Zipping Past.

Al in the Mothership RFD.

Joining the Downwind for RWY-34 at PP.

On the ground at PP in the Fuel Que.

Alan & RSR taxing in to join the Fuel Que.

The Que

On the Taxi for RWY-34 looking back at the rest following behind.

The Que stretching back up the Taxi way. A call was heard from the other side of the Airport where the young lady said hell I will just get behind the last one. That line was about 10 planes long.

Outa PP heading Kaikoura smooth as rock and Flat as a bean.

The Panther out to Starboard 

The Mothership RFD trying to keep his chicks where they should be.

Team Wilcox with SAL just off our Port Quarter.

The idea is to keep a loose formation in site of each other in case of having to ditch as the other Aircraft can stay on station till help arrives.

Then on our Starboard side.

Alan & RSR not far behind again Starboard side.

Al mixing with the Hill's.

Ferry heading South.

Alan & RSR chugging past Mount Tapuaenuku as ya do.

The only cloud we saw approaching Kaikoura.

Cruising down the Kaikoura Coast.

Some of the Damage and repairs to State Highway 1.

On the Ground Kaikoura.

The fuel Que starts again.

She was a busy place the Whales were watching the Humans at a pretty hectic pace.

Alan  walking funny for some reason..

Time for some refreshments Frankie looking suitably refreshed.

The long walk back to the Aircraft.

One of there Whale watch machines taking 5 during Whales.

On our way to Rangiora inland. The Conway if I am not mistaken I might be as few of these suckers down there.

Looking back to the East and the coast.

Yup she was warm.

Looking suitably happy with how it's going. Has the knee board for those important bit's of Info one might need.

SAL with Team Wilcox heading fort the Fuel Que.

Having Fueled Andrew busy draining for water.

Al & RFD heading for Fuel.

As was PMD.

Like this at every fuel stop.

Getting ready to blast off.

The Team deciding there next move.

Outa Rangiora on track for Omarama heading into the Mountains.

Cloud on the other side of the Mountains out West.

Right into the Mountains we go time for some ridge hoping etc.

On the Ground Omarama beautiful spot.

Bugger another Gas Que.

Then parking outside the Hotel.

Al & RSR heading over to tie down.

We made the local paper as well probably as we were all different colours and not one plane the same.

A group of microlights, members of the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers, made their way down country from Stratford to Omarama, arriving at the airfield last evening (Friday, March 30) for a few days flying in our southern skies.

The Country Time Hotel Oldie Worldly style and ya can tie ya plane up right outside.

Devices check time.

Nice evening Moon rising shot.

As Sat was a no go for Wanaka we headed down town for a Walk.

At last they say it like it is down this way.

Troops loitering out side with intent.

Yours Trully trying on the Lemon Squeezer for size.

Right Sat was a no go as high winds and Rain over at Wanaka so we set off for Ashburton to look around there excellent Aviation Muesem.

Andrew looking super confident.

Must be good he's smiling.

Although that one took him by surprise I suspect.

Wayne & SNW out rto Starboard in the Murk.

Through the passes and onto Ashburton as we enter the lowlands.

Heading towards the coast.

Al & RFD whizzed past at altitude.

Looking round the Mueaeum.

Gary checking out his new Ride

Art Deco BP Fuel Cart Stunning Resto on it.

Ye old Fuel Pump.

Chaps checking out te Harrier.

Russki on a Trailer.

Ya Flying Flea.

Thee ole Link Trainer, think Instrument Flying this was how it was done back in the day.

40mm Bofors Anti Aircraft Gun.

Looking down from the Roof of there newly finished Period Control Tower.

Southerly 60 knot blast had come in and we had scrambled to get planes behind Hangars as they were bouncing in the wind she was a tad breezy up top.

Ya have to come see this place people are Awesome and some pretty rare stuff in the Hangars and you can also see what they are doing in the Resto shop.

This Puppy being worked on when we were there. Last time we were here there was a MIG-17 being worked on but now in display hall.

On our way back to Omarama after a fine afternoon.

We had some Murk to play with heading back not to bad around 4 to 5 k's vis so all good. Good experience for my Aviator in the left seat.

Andrew staring down the Murk.

Then POOF we pop out to Brilliant Sun shine.

The only bit of Glass trickery in SSF the Garmin 660 great piece of kit see in all light conditions.

6000 foot over the Mountains. Look at that flying rock solid.

Tough work this Flying thing we decided to take a Power Nap as we were at 6000 foot.

Pukaki & Te Anau lakes

Just up round the Corner is Omarama.

Approaching Omarama.

The Gas thing again good practice to get gas when ya can can never have to much. Plus we needed it in case we had to hold at Wanaka.

SSF taxing back to tie down for the night.

Mark fiddling with PMD.

What a view what a day.

Suitably relaxed and Checking out the News and the YAK thing that happened on SAT at Wanaka.

You can see the vid here.


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