Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday the 22nd April was warm crisp & clearish.

Don was out here trying to figure out how he ended up with 3 wheels off a 2 wheel flying machine.

All sorted and two wheels were re inserted.

Then outside to warm up in the Winter Sun.

Dang strong winds last night Windsock RWY-27 end was blown off.

Ya gonna have to use the other  for a bit till normal service returns.

Mean while SNJ taxing for 34

Then a new Flying Machine appeared in the overhead being Zenair 601 XL ZK-JQT. 
Will end up with more Zenairs at SD than we know what to do with. 


Flight Deck virtually the same as SSFs

This is where she used to live in that shed Weston side of Lake Taupo the Escort at the rear.

Al & RFD back in from the Taupo run.

Then the Mighty Trojan appeared in the overhead.

Had been tootling round the District as ya do stopped off at Hawera for a bit then to SD .

The Trojan tracks still quiet hard by all accounts.

Such a Photogenic lil Puppy.

That's how one dismounts a Trojan slide down the Flap.

The Madding Crowd gathers & 1 dog with a stick.

Trojan just chilling 

SSF just Hanging with her big Pointy mate.

Trojan sucking up the Sun still.

Wayne alighting up into the Trojan for his Rating.

That's the Boot.

If you ever wondered what the back end of the inside of a Trojan looks like probably something like this.

Just about ready.

Might look at putting it on line now that would be a  hoot should make it into the Microlight Class by a whisker.



Trojan & a Titan.

Back in after his flight must be getting there stories straight Pffft.

The Crowd still hanging in there.

Dog with his Stick......

Brett Stretching after man handling the Beast around the Sky.

Alan & RSR away for a bit.

RFD catching the last of the Sun

John giving her the once over.

Sucking up the last of the Sun.

SSF still soaking up some sun after a hard days flying.

Looking West from cockpit of the Trojan.

Some of the bits ya need to fly the Trojan.

Running Hottish like.

If she hasn't got OIL over her she's not running right.

Mountain looking fine snow disappearing although I suspect Mum Nature will be along to replenish it at some point.

Chaps getting ready to bug out for NP.

On Taxi 09.

The Crowd watching in anticipation.

Now Bruce was out for a bit he is 90 odd. Shaun walks up says good to see ya Bruce thought you were Dead. Bruce replied well clearly I'm not ;0)

We tend to say it like it is at SD.

The 27 Windsock sheltering in the Club House.

Keith doing something with his D9. Looks happy bout it what ever it is. 

Gary getting some top shelf Avgas for the run home to Ferndene.

Nice end to the day.

Even Ruapheu was out just

One of the Plovers had some Lead for dinner didn't end well.

Gary & SNG away RWY-09.


Shaun & JQT were back in and we did get her in the Hangar a bit Chocka now.

See no worries.

See ya.

Vids here.


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