Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday the 8th April was a Tad quite initially then things happened.

Al had been out and about to Raglan said was over 20 other Aircraft there.

RFD in the Process of getting her Sponge bath.

Another Sonerai has found a home at SD. Don is gonna spend those long Winter knights and days getting her done.

Now we had a visit today by Brett and the Trojan what a machine.  He offering some protection for White Knight as ya do.

The Trojan Motif.

The Flight Deck.

The back seat Flight Deck.

Check out that Landing Gear probably weighs as much as a Cessna 152

Some young-uns were about and had the opportunity to check it out.

Not many places ya can go check out ya Warbird like this anymore.

Brett encourages it as if ya can't get up close and personal it's the experience.

I suspect he's suitably impressed.

In the back seat.

Young Dude taking it all in.

Then John Street turned up in YAK 69.

Getting Gas.

The Trojan was bought into NZ by John Greenstreet back at the 80's

Russell in orange checking her out also.

Back over at the Pumps the YAK about to move off.

The Sonerai's checking out the BIG BRO.

On the Taxi 27.

Trojan just chilling.

John & Al just chilling.

With Brett

A real nicely presented YAK that.

Sonerai's away 27.

The Brett.

Ya had to see him in action at Wanaka started out in the Yak then onto the Catalina moving onto the Trojan then into Vampire.

Getting prepared to blast off. Quite nifty hydraulic canopy closing looks pretty slick check out the Vid to see that.


YAK on Taxi 27.

Threshold 27.

He's off.


LTH with Mark & Keith on board after a days dusting.

Trojan heading home to NP.

Russel (outa Hamilton) was in for a bit today and is a previous Pilot so went up and had a fly about did alright as well.

Currently building a single seat replica Cub.

He's part of the Higgins crew doing Road resealing round the place

End of a great day everyone was out Power Machines, Gliders and RC Flyers.

Here a Silver Torpedo heading to Aussie.

Outa here.

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