Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Fuel tubing below shows what the Aromatics in Mogas does to your Fuel tubing.

The Aromatics in the Fuel attack the Fuel tubing and if you are like a lot of people and leave your plane sitting for any length of time roughly 3 weeks or longer this what it is doing to one of the most vital peices of kit in your flying machine.

Interesting that this had been through a 100 hourly and was not picked up.

This is another reason they are finding it so difficult to replace Avgas as the Nasties they use to bring up the Octane rating tend to attack the vessel it travels along.

Our Club Trainer has run on AVGAS it's whole life no issues at all.

The thing about leading up the Gearbox is a load of crap ours has never had an issue.

This only happens if you run them at low RPM for extended periods below 5000rpm .

Just use AVGAS then ya won't have this assle or issue.

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