Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday 13th wasn't to bad later in the Afternoon.

Even the Mountain popped out for a bit looking a bit bald of Snow. I suspect Mum Nature will replenish the snow at some point.

SNG & Gary were in for a bit look at that Blue Sky.

Allan was out for some RSR Fiddling.

Couple whiteys just Chilling

Gary on the Taxi 27

RSR moved outside for some engine runs,

Gave SSF a polish whilst there came up good

Alan still fiddling

Rainbow over the fence

Oh sexy looking Landrover

Ya local Oil Rig with a Flare pit going

That'll be Toko out East.

Some Cloud skimming

Rotor  of Cloud over summit

Beck Helicopters Eltham.

Hawera Airfield no one home.


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