Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday 20th May was bit frisky Wind wise with rolling Squalls through the day.

New Flag back at the homestead.

TVG getting her C check done.

The ever bullet prove Rotax. 

Oh the windsock RWY-27 is back in Business.

Whoo Hoo

One of our Hi Flying Members shooting the Boot. Chemtrails On.

Cessna 185 ZK-CBF outa Admore on finals RWY-27

Visitors doing the Photo thing.

Then tried out the Mustang.

Mean while outside Gary was showing his RV-4 which is up for sale

RVG out in the Sun for a bit.

Couple 185s chewing the Phat a ya do.

Off back to Ardmore.

N9992T (EEJ) getting Ready to go some where's.

Don & Gary back from Raglan 

JQT looking fine in her new evening Wear and cover all.

Looking not bad after a Polish

Now new Hose outside Hanger 1 be gentle with it.

See Ya.

1 comment:

rayner123 said...

heard the two cessnas take off this pm from my house,sounded bloody good,got to see them fly over,old school yes but argh the sound, up there with a fletcher at full throttle,a huey coming from a million miles away and a hughes 500 at full tit just some sounds that cant be beaten love it,keep up tyh e good work nick