Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday 8th saw the Central Plateau looking like this  it was Clear as.

Nice Sunny day at Stratford Aerodrome
and at.......

Real clear & warm.

TVG was out for a bit of Sun and a Blat round the district making sure the Hun weren' about.

Nice day in the Naki.

The Marsh Collection

SNW had Wayne top her up with some SD Top Shelf Avgas.

Then off for whizz about.

There he is whizzing about.

Shaun was in  with JQT. RWY-34.

Heading in for some of that SD Top Shelf Avgas.

Alan & RSR were out and about as well.

Wayne back after a whizz around the place.

Then Gary & TVG appeared finals for 34

Now Sunday will see a new shape in SD Skies....

A reasonable Armada will head North to Whangarei to collect her.

Keri's looking forward to it and then some.

Till Sunday.

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