Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday 4th June was overcast but warmish.


Were at it again today.

Gary's Senorita in dispersal's waiting for something to happen.

Al & RFD joining in the overhead.

Ditto SSF

Harry getting the PC-9 ready worked even better when the bung was removed.

SSF finals 09 in the grey overcast.

So grey the Sun was pretty dull.

PC-9 taxing around a bit. Bung removed.

Some interesting Clouds about today. 

SSF still hard at it WX Station fore ground local Oil Rig behind. 

Getting in amongst te Fauna

The ground soakith up.

Off again.

Punters in te Car park taking in the action.

The Team dealing with the Senorita as was not behaving.

If ya into Checkers plenty here.

Away again.

Ruapheau sneaking out.

SSF on her way to the Hangar.

PC-9 in dispersal's just chilling

Ditto SSF

That's the front up there.

Sky up that away. 

Gary has had a stern talk and Senorita is back on track.

In to the air she went.


Hard work this Flying time for a cup of Char.



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