Saturday, June 30, 2018

SAT 30th June was Sunnyish & the Overcast.

Whislt up Minicabing I heard the distinctive sound and Club Patron Brett whizzed past in the Trojan.

Mean while once back at the Aerodrome Rob & Ross turned up in SAL. Rob had chauffeured Ross round for is Flight Test nothing better than being flown to ones Flight Test. 

After Pre Flighting Ross man handles SSF out into the Light.

Here contemplating is coming Flight Test.

Yeah Man even the boss looks chipper.

Gary & SNG arriving.

Cygnet moving into the Light

Getting Ready to do something with Keri & Wayne.

Great variety of Flying Machines Fast , Cruiser , Slow and all totally different.

Ross (who will have a smile he wont be able to get rid off for a week or more passing is Flight Test) & Rob heading home western side of the Mountain.

Busy afternoon.

TGC & Les going for a Fly.

Nice shot of RSR in late afternoon sun.

Mountain was out for a bit as well.

RSR turning finals 27

Now Ross ya really need this looks Awesome easy live at your place and we need somewheres to go. So make it so

Girls loving the Fire. 

Vids Here.


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