Sunday, August 26, 2018

  Sunday 26th was a stunner and then some. 

  Good variety of Flying Machines,
   Cygnet, 601 XL, Sonerai, Mustang.

Busy, Busy at the Pump.

Lining up Rwy-27, Gary & TVG doing the Run up thing.

Ready to blast off 27.

Got intercepted by TVG out North of the Aerodrome. 

Mustang doing some mountain sitting.

Then also intercepted by the Russki Sonerai with Don & Frankie on board.

Best shot of the day.

Then headed for te Summit to good a day not to.

Some really big Avalanches up there.

The Central Plateau

Yup in the Stratosphere.

All the Mountains.

On the way to SD.

SD from 5000ft.

Brett was in with the Vampire Awesome as usual.

Glyn's lil person about to go into the sky in JLZ.

Shaun & JQT in te overhead.

In for Gas

That will be team Richmond

Heading back to Richmond Field.

Couple of Orange & Greys.

Team RVH checking RVH out with lil Ava.

Grandad making sure she doing it right.

Fly Girl.

G & G doing some Ava Wrangling

Ava roaring round the place.

N9992T in the overhead

Time for some Daisy Chain making.

Team Hann with RVH.

JLZ in the thermal with friend

JPX in the overhead.

Couple visitors to the Aerodrome today. Strapped on SSF for a try.

We encourage touchy fell than stand and look.

Gary & RVH sharing some time. 

Jetstar zooming overhead.

John and JPX out and about in the late afternoon sun.

Yes WX Stn is operational !!!!!!

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