Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Right then a Message from Arron & Pistol Pete from the AERODROME  FARM.

Now they are pretty laid back Dudes but a bit scratchy by the Following.

If you find Fence Bungee's across the Cattle Stop of Access road Drop them down and carry on ....
MAKE SURE YOU PUT THEM BACK AS YOU FIND THEM......Don't be LAZY and leave them on the Ground.

Also KEEP YOUR SPEED DOWN around the Cowshed and the Entrance to the Aerodrome Carpark. there are two Options SLOW DOWN or do what someone else has had and get a rather interesting Letter from the Council that being Neil. 

Now he is a Patient man although I suspect has better things to be doing than writing you an interesting Letter.

Best option is SLOW DOWN as once ya get the interesting letter ya on ya own.

Pretty simple but then there are people that just don't get it... 

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