Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sat 22nd was nice and sunny with a Frisky Breeze with a Nip of cold in it.

Mountain looking Fine. 

As was the Central Plateau

Now when ya Fuel Up at Stratford you can also get Awesome Mountain View's East & West.

Gordon was out for a bit doing stuff on RVG amongst other things.

Nice XJ Jag in Navy dark Blue.

Jason giving SSF the once over.

Gary had been giving TVG a polish looks real Blinghy.

Strapping his Campbell Helmut on.

Lads talking airplane I suspect.

I tell ya he came outa the sun so I went like that.

Taxing for RWY-27

Seen through SSF Canopy.

Just about to taxi for 16.

Back from a zip around the District.

SSF away 16

Yeah man Jason doing the Smooth Piloty thing whilst Wayne does the paper work.

See Ya

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