Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday 14 was rather brisk with a frisky South Easterly which kept cool except when it got hot.

Mountain looking fine with new dusting of snow down to the bush line.

Pulled SSF out to warm up naturally outa the wind.

Couple of local Ducks catcin some Zzzzzzzz's

Ronnie and Greg were out today again here checking out te Gliders & Tim.

Don getting ready for a recovery of the Frankie from Motueka.

On the taxi for RWY-16

TGC doing her thing.

Brett & the Trojan appeared in te Overhead.

TVG arrives overeadas well  

Turning for the downwind for RWY-09

SSF chilling in the Sun.

Ducks not outa bed yet.


TVG sneaking up on SSF

Alan taking the Compressor out for a walk

Wayne & SNW heading for 09.   

Ditto TVG

SNW about to blast off 09

Ditto TVG

Looking Fine.

John & JPX were out.

Alan & RSR flitting about the place as ya do.


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