Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday 7th October started overcast and cool then warmed up the late afternoon the Southerly arrived.

Bit more practice for BFR today. SSF resting after this AM sortie.

Bit of the Grass clippings man it's growing fast.

Ronnie & Greg were out today having a look around.

Not so long a go Greg was like you an I and was doing the Pilot thing then life can along and disagreed with his Health.

Anyhoo he had a hoot today  as we showed him and Ronnie around.

Here checking out SNW.

Wayne then took SNW up and gave him his own Aerobatic display. By the smile on Greg's face I suspect he thought it was a hoot.

Welcome back anytime Team.


Terry was out for a bit & got strapped into SNW for a Fly about.

On the taxi for RWY-09. Oh that's a Sexy Landrover.

About to blast of 09.

Blasted Off.

Back in from Ferndene

Closely followed by TVG

Couple Fighter types 

Terry looking suitably Aviated

Aviation discussion 

JQT was out and about.

Suns out.

Thought about moving up to GA but Yeah nah Cessna's & Pipers compared to this lot I don't think so.
I was GA back in the day but the Variety in Microlighting is quite intoxicating.

Mountain out just

Gary getting some go gas

JQT still cruising

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