Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday 2nd was nice and sunny but then got cold.

Chaps been out doing stuff.

Keith probably saying what ya looking at Pilgrim. 

About to unstrap the Cresco from his person.

Cessna 152 JDB from the North Taranki Aero Club out Norfolk Rd was in for a bit.

On taxi for 27

Gary arrived in the overhead with TVG.

Gary & Wayne probably talking Aviation.

SSF & Ross bonding for a Fly about.

It was rather Bright sun wise today.

On the Taxi for 16.

Checking out no ones coming.

Outa here.

Some Mustang Fans checking out the big Sparkly Flying Machine.

One of our high flying club members zooming by.

Gary on the Taxi 27

SSF short finals 27

Back to the Hangar

Oh Blingy

Outa here for Ferndene

Article on the RAANZ 2010 Fly-in with photo's. SNW getting Blasted as she went by Hoon Car.


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