Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday 12th was pretty darn warm.

Now a big shout out to my FLT CMNDR Sue.

In the cause of her Nursing Duties at work the other night has found  herself being looked after by her fellow Nurses. Long Story but it has required a bit of adjustment to her person and a stay in the Base.

Get well my Lovely Lady.

Quicko be good. (Yeah Nah) Takes as long as it takes.

The Lads from Precision were in parked up the Ranger and be back Tuesday to do more stuff out East.

Mark & LTW were in to drop the Spreader quicko like.

Oh whats in there then.......

Pesky lil bugger.

Gordon helping get the lil Bugger off.

Now John (POM) been here a month and today was first shot at getting over the Mountain to get some pic's. We set off around 1910 and were back at 2010. It was silky smooth a perfect night for it.

Happy Camper as John fly's us up to the Summit.

Me taking pic of John taking a pic of the Mountain.

It was just Magical.

Heading back down hill towards Stratty.

Still a happy Pilot

John taking us home after a zoom about Ferndene.

Wasn't me.......

Yus I suspect life is real good about now.

Passing Norfolk Rd Airfield.

Real nice evening.

I suspect John really liked the Flight.

John has done some projects about the Club house etc whilst he was here. Much appreciated my Man I am sure the 50 year upgrade program will be still going when you next visit.

Job well done.

Great shot by Wayne of the Lads before setting off on the Grand Tour round Taranaki.

Johns first time in a Mustang ....

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