Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday the 10th was warm but with a Frisky Wind.

Young chap and his Dad were down checking out SNW. We encourage this as not many places ya can get up and personal with a Flying Machine these day's 

John and Wayne about to aviate.

On the Taxi for 27

A few things on in the next while.

Back in the overhead.

Yes It appears to have gone all Tickerty Boo.

Mountain popped out for a bit.

Gary & TVG appeared overhead.

Landed 16

Some slick looking flying machines.

RSR getting a tickle and a Permit.

Flight Deck RSR

This Grand ole Lady appeared from EAST. Never tire of the Catalina.

Her hibernation at Ohakea has ended I suspect.

Club Patron Brett in Command.

About to Gas up.

RSR still getting Tickled.

Gary away taxi for 16.

Aerodrome Hawk doing it's thing.

Cessna 170A ZK-OCC was in for gas landing 16.

Mmmm Sunday might be a good one.


Some Vid's from today.


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