Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday 28th was Hot, Hot, Hot.

The Picnic Tables were getting a good work out in the AM.

Mountain was out with a slight fluffy hat on.

SSF arrived in the overhead 

Been out doing a Trial & Scenic. One would surmise they enjoyed it.


Some Kiddly bit's getting to try out SSF as ya do something we encourage not many Aerodromes ya can do that these days. Can here.

Back in 

The after flight wow that was Awesome thing going down.

Couple of pretty Snazzy 601's

From the other side as well as Shaun (Maverick) for scale.

Local Aerodrome Hawk doing the Thermal thing showing how it's done.

Gary was in for a bit. TVG as well.

Fighter & Strike/Training Team just chilling.

The Cygnet is moulting and has shed her wings well it is hot.

SAL has Rob on board and dropped in mid afternoon for a bit.

Then he was off on the Taxi 09.

Outa here heading west..

Local Extra from the EM Team out and about today as well.

The Cygnet is going in for some Liposuction & a nose Job & will have an Extra 35hp on top of the previous 65hp.
A new mighty Rotax 912 UL 100hp is in her future. It will be a beast with that in it.
So it will disappear to the local super secret Aviation Facility not to far away for the morphing into the BEAST.

Fits in the Hangar a bit easier now.

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