Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunday 16th was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally Hot around 27C on the ground and then some.

Couple Warbird types just hanging about.

TVG just chilling at the fuel bowser.

Yes the Brute that is the Trojan was in with Brett a magnet by the look of the Leg count.

Yus a aviation crowd has gathered. Brett standing in the best place the shade. Trojan great piece of kit for that.

T-28 just chilling

Team Emney About to depart back to NP

They're off

Alan & RSR were out

Variety of Flying Machines

TVG heading home for lunch 09.

Trojan away outa 09

Mother with one chick left making a run for cover.

John &  JPX heading out 09.

Gary having filled his tank appeared in the overhead mid afternoonish.

Trojan furrows

TVG passing a really nice looking Landrover.

The EM Team were out also...she was humming as every flying  type was going on.

SND was preparing herself for some engine running. Wayne & Gary getting some shade whilst waiting.

It was HOT She was thirsty TVG had Gary drop some nice cool avgas in there. 

SND warming up in the Sun. Getting ready to power up with Wayne.

Mustang heading for a parking slot.

Al having put RSR to bed heading for home.

Ruapehu looking fine

John arriving in the overhead with JPX.

& down.

SNW getting ready to head out on a misson.

as was JPX

Just chilling before the Sortie.

Wayne walking SNW back to the safety of the Grass.

Outa here Sortie under way.

Mean while of at RWY-34 the EM Team were hard at it. Brian's lil stick getting a ring out.

Harry having stern words with his Flying Machine as it did not wanna keep going so back in the car.

Mountain with her Fluffy hat on.

Chaps back from there sortie SNW in first.

Then TVG

How many people does it take to start ya plane.

3 appears to be the optimum apparently.

The lil stick getting some rays.

Gary B's Extra getting something Extra.

JPX bringing up the rear.

TVG resting after her Sortie

Nice end to the day.

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