Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday the 23rd was overcast & coolish all day.

SSF has returned from her tiggle & Sqeak & is now ready for action.

Remember call Wayne and even if doing a local flight on board in Club House so we know where to come looking.

Jason & Wayne on the taxi for 09.

Local farm Bull spending some time with his Power Pole

Yanks & the Russkis get on okay round here.

Now thats variety for  ya.

Mountain pokin its head out.

In Tony's Hangar now reside this here Piper Cherokee & the Ercoupe in behind.

SNJ getting a slap & tiggle as ya do. Support crew in attendance.

Getting the push & pull by Don & Gary to the Hangar to get her front bits reattached to the front end.

This here is our Resident Chicken lives up by the front Gate.

Leave it alone now Look but don't touch.

Where it came from no one knows.

Some more variety with the arrival of Petes YAK.

Pete & Larry getting ready to Bug out. for NP

YAK on the taxi to 09.

Closely followed by Pete.

Don with SNJ looking totally together again heading for some gas.

YAK's about toi blast off  16.

Run in for some Aero's

Looks pretty good after a good ring out round te sky.

Don back from his fly about.

Alans new Son in Law getting Strapped in for a fly back to NP.

Wayne & SSF heading for the Hangar.

Gary & TVG away 16

Mountain showed herself later in the evening.

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sad about sng white knight is no longer