Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday 9th Dec was a scorcher ( I have the Sunburn to prove it) nice & sunny a stinking hot around 28C on the ground.

Ronnie & Greg were out. Greg giving us his considered opinion on how to start the VW on the Jodel.
It worked started right up.

Lads getting ready to blast off  somewheres turned out to be South East

Greg catching all the action.

Mark waiting for all the gauges to point in the right directions.

Cresco away.

Big Hare crossing the intersection.

Greg pretty stoked with that there puppy. 

Vixen A32 ZK-VXN outa Paraki & heading there on there way back from Rangiora in for gas.

SSF & Ross getting ready to do some aviation.

Team VXN getting ready to bug out.

SSF on the taxi 

Oh a gathering of pilot types could be interesting.

Jeez some big telly's in there. Oh cowls off Ross had picked something up good spotting lad.

On taxi for 27

Wayne checking her out as ya do.

Mean while Mountain looking sweet. The rain and heat have eroded the snow quite a bit.

More discussion and consideration going on.

Gordon stopping by and offered his wisdom....

Garry & TVG arriving in the overhead.

Jason & Rochelle & Wayne taking some respite from the heat.

KMM waiting on Keith after 2 x perfect starts.

TVG had a thirst on it was hot after all,

Chaps heading for the shade,

Keith duly arrived  he getting prepared for main engine start under his control.

Jason & Rochelle checking Mustang out.

Gary letting him have all the info on how it all works.

SNW taxing over as we were preparing for a fly over off a Kids Christmas Party at Lake Ratapiko

Me taking a pic of Keith taking a pic of the Jodel.

Wayne preparing SNW for Jason to strap on.

TVG looking fine.

John & JPX were out.

Outa 09.

Shaun & JQT were in also.

Shaun (MAVERICK) with JQT

Checking out some fine flying machines

Rochelle getting ready to be Mustanged

Gary applying his snazzy helmelt.

On the taxi 27 Ratapiko flight is away.

Looks happy with it.

SNJ zooming past getting ready to form up.

Doing an orbit to let everyone get sorted.

SNW Roaring past getting ready to form up.

Formed up us bringing up the rear as we had smoke.

Gary & TVG leading a tail chase.

Kids Christmas Party Lake Ratapiko.

Back to Stratty.

Heading for our parking spot SD.

John & Keith back in JPX 27.

What a Fine line up of Flying Machines

Even better with a Mountain in it.

Ye typical Piloty thing going down.

An other view of some slick machines.

JQT away 27 with some pretty severe heat haze.

Keith having inserted himself into KMM must haved looked at her funny as didn't wanna go. 

Wayne doing the Armstrong bit.

Shaun in the overhead some on or needs new rings ......

Done getting ready to dis mount.

SNW sunning herself.

Alan preparing for flight after his Screen replacement.

We settled on a start procedure that worked and here Keith taking KMM for taxi about.

Grant has Strapped SNW on and getting ready to blast off with Wayne.

Alan & RSR warming up aircon on.

Keith still taxing about.

Looks happy to be back in the Driving seat.

On taxi for 27

Still doing the Taxi thing.

SNW about to blast off from 09.

SNW having zoomed out 09.

Keith having turned KMM around by hand (tail Skid) admiring her in the Sun. Before taxing back to the Club house.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

High Flyer.

RSR in the overhead.

Sue was out for a bit had cabin fever 

RSR T & G 09

Yeah man.

A happy Camper

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