Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday 27th was warm & sunny with a Frisky Breeze.

Today we Honour Gregs Passing with a Fly over.

Kenny was out practising & continuing to run the Jab in.

Over the Hedge 16

Looking Slick with the newly painted cowl

Heaps of  these about today sky was criss crossed with Vapour trails.

Alan & RFD taxing for RWY-16

Zooming past the Mountain.

SND in the Overhead.

Back in for some refreshments.

Gary & TVG arrive in the Overhead.

He came out the Sun so I whizzed around here then Bang.


Sonerai's waiting for something to happen.

The Greg Flight waiting to Scramble for his Fly over.

Scramble came about to Taxi for 16.

Greg's Flight starting to form up.

Wayne shooting up Starboard side to join Formation.

Kenny & Don forming up on Gary.

Wayne coming up a stern.

Shaun & I with JQT about to form up behind Wayne & SNW.

Just about to begin the Run in for the Cemetery.

On the run in.

Smoke on . So long fella.

In the overhead just about to turn Crosswind for 27.

This here Cherokee joined just as we all returned to the Aerodrome. I suspect he got a bit Flustered as planes everywhere.

JQT taxing for 16 heading for home

Couple slick looking flying machines just chilling.

& another.

Kenny telling Uncle Wayne how his Flying machine is going after further adjustment.

TVG & Gary heading for home.

Bruce was in for a bit late afternoon.

Done & Dusted 

In memory of Greg.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one nick.he would have loved that regards nathan