Friday, January 25, 2019

Jan the 25th was warm and the winds had abated.

The RED BARON (DBZ) was out sunning herself before Gary arrived.

Jodel KMM also catching some Rays also having been airborne 3 times today.

TVG with Gary arriving in the overhead.

Turning finals for 27.

Gary's Girls.

SSF in the Overhead.

Justine out again with SSF doing the Biz

I think he likes it.

Couple nifty Flying Machines

SSF just chilling after a bit of Avgas.

KMM just chilling contemplating her Epic trip Sat up to Kaipara Flats.

DBZ & Gary heading out to put some hours up after her Tickle & Slap.

Away 27.

Mark doing the paper work after a hard days buzzing about the place. Just waiting on the cool down of the Turbine to do it's thing.

About to drive into the Hangar.

Down for a Break

Then off again

That's it nice evening.

Vid's here


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