Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One thing that will raise it's Ugly head this Summer is Density Altitude.

Once the big HOT settles in people will need to be more aware of the above especially if at MAUW. Just because you have done it before does not mean you can do it again even if you have been in and out of where ever a thousand times.

If you are operatinbg a mixture system you need to make sure you are getting full power at run up. You may have to lean the mixture to do this. Even at Sea Level if temp exceeds 30C.

Once temp gets past 25C & especially over 30C you are in the danger zone. Raglan being a good example they have repaired the fence there more than a few times.

If you are travelling round you maybe at MAUW a majority of the time so no matter what system you are running you need to take that into account. Even high powered anything at MAUW can ruin ya day.

Fly now be Safe have a hoot.

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