Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sat 19th Jan very HOT & Bloody windy up to 30knots at times.

New Member  Justine had been up for his second Lesson with Wayne.

He looks suitably pleased with himself as he should be....Stared the wind down he did.

When the snow goes gonna get REAL Hot

TVG getting some Rays.

Ditto for SSF

& JTA the lil Ruski.

RSR has a sore foot at the mo as air wants only to stay at the top of the Tyre.
Alan should have back on Sunday with air in the Bottom as well.

Yes looking a tad Daggy but not getting up there till the wind drops well into single figures or calm.

The Aerodrome Chicken is now living half way down the drive so keep an eye out for her & leave her be.

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