Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday 13th was warm with a rather Narly wind which hung round all day and then some.

Well a bit of variety there Sonarei, Jodel D9, Rans-S10 & Bantam B22. 

Couple 4 Baners & Couple 2  Bangers

Our Mighty Bantam ZK-FYH awesome 503 2 stroke (best combination) has Flaps & Trim & also side doors.

Our lil girl is leaving home in the not to distant future heading North.

Ye Auto Gyro whizzed overhead heading NP way.

Ah G'day got ya.

Heading North West.

Gary & TVG taxi for 34


Benet was out today getting sorted to start his licence here checking out SSF with Wayne.

First Lesson the WX wins talking wind.

Good keen man.

Lotta wind up on the big Pointy thing.

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