Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunday 20th was much as it is today HOT & Windyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gary & TVG were landing 16 in a good breeze to play with.

Then out 27.

Heading over the Summit give or take.

Oscar Chuck Chuck was in for gas on there way to Taumaranui for the day.

Here trying to Taxi to 16

Then changed to 27 good choice.

Oscar Chuck Chuck at Altitude.

Oh my mistake it's a puffer. 

Checking out the Bantams Flight Deck for the Epic trip to Paraki in the next while.

Yus even come with a Glass Cockpit ....Best position for the GPS. Ground Speed is everything.

Yup still blowing.

Choppa (Aerodrome Farm Dog) & his Mate out Patrolling the Aerodrome Farm. Looking happy with there lot.

Something different went for drive out to the Patea Dam and Lake Rotarangi. Nice spot.

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