Thursday, February 14, 2019

Part 1

Thursday 7th Feb was the beginning of the Great Southern Tour about the South Island.

The RAANZ nationals fly-in dates had been changed and there was no way to make it with the new dates so we decided on the Great Southern Tour about the South Island instead it was a hoot.

She was over cast when we left around 0830ish ya could see Whareroa & our Pathfinder Mark in LTH had just left before us advised all good past Waverly.

Aircraft were SSF, JQT, DVZ, SNJ

All taxing for Rwy -09

SSF HEAVY ( ya had to be there)  lined up and we outa here

On the ground at PP chucking some more Gas and a cup of Coffee (thanks Kapiti Aero Club) in before pushing south over Cook Strait to Kaikoura.

JQT looking all sparkly after previous nights polishing.

Don & Gary preparing to board there aircraft for the crossing.

FLT CMNDR Sue preparing to board SSF in suitable Flotation equipment.

Just passing Kapiti Island.

FLT CMNDR Sue looking happy over the water.

Bit overcasty on our way down the coast to Kaikoura.

Yeah Man. South America 6000 miles that way.  Just outa range dammit.

South Island about 4 clicks away probably go there then.

                       Some of the Slip damage from da earthquake.

On the Ground Kaikoura.

Having cup of coffee & deciding where next which turned out to be Rangiora

Big Suckers those Whales.

Susie having a Whale of a time.

Heading back to mount our steeds.

Gary in the RED BARON being DBZ bound Rangiora.

SSF with Susie with her special dismount tool at Rangiora.

Rest of the Team ditto.

Rare Canadian rego'd Helio Courier.

Keep an eye out for Part 2.

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