Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday 3rd was pretty quiet. It was hot.

Alan & RSR having a moment .....

New Struts on nose gear looking slick

Yours truly in the Stern of RSR about to aviate.

Aircon on on the taxi to 09.

Watch that lil sucker off bush in any wind or no wind it produces epic sink.

That'll be Toko out Easy of SD.

Scramble Track South of Eltham at Lowlands

Hawera Field very quiet.

Swimming hole Weir west of Hawera


Nice lil Bach on the coast ...

Old Dairy Factory turned in to French Villa

Check out that courtyard.

Our local Oil Rig not doing much.

She's drying out.

No that's not a Swimming Pool.

Yup right place Say's so.

Drains really starting to show themselves been a while.

Watch they don't re launch ya into the air.

Bill & ZZT were in after I left for the Day.

Some Vids 


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