Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Great Southern Tour Part 4.

Rangiata Island day out. A really interesting place .

That is Starlet TNT up front Taxing for 06 as are we on our way to Rangitata Island.

To the Side is Avid WEN waiting for something.

DBZ & SNJ following up behind.

TNT away 

Heading Rangitata Island wayish.......ya had to b e there.

SNJ & DBZ of the Starboard Fore Quarter

Yes that is smoke and lots of it croppers burning off the stubble which makes there Clear Air Capital a Farce. On at least 2 days you could not see a thing even the Mountains.

Even the Tourists were complaining as come all this way and couldn't see a dam thing.

We have arrived Rangitata Island Wayne checking it out.

Heaps of Runways those at the back of the Sheds ones we after ya can just see coming into shot.

Welcomed by multiple Squadrons of Midges.


Ye Hovercraft it's for sale.

Everyone has arrived.

Young Fella and his VP-1



Nifty Stainless Spitfire.

The Sheds !! enjoy. !!

More Hovercraft.

A shed full of Fokkers.

Apparently the guys comes up from Dunedin every weekend jumps in one of his Fokkers and calls his mate in Ashburton to meet somewheres then it's on.

Moth Manor a place to stay if ya need to.

About to blast off for Ashburton.


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