Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday 30th was overcast with high cloud & warm

Sue & Wayne talking Aviation I suspect. SSF in the Mood to go some where's so we did.

Kenny was out to blow the cobwebs out of SND.

Flt CMNDR Sue just chilling in the Sky.

Mountain looking fine till it clouded over.

Hello  W & G.

Just shy of the National Park.

Capt Sue flying us past the Mountain.


Heading out to the coast.

Paratutu Rock with the Old Power Station Chimney Stack behind.

Now the Lads had been hard at it giving LTH a good solid Sponge bath took around 3 hours plus & LTH looks rather stunning.

SNW Warming up natural like in the Sun.

Yes that time again.

SNW about to strap Wayne in.

SNW taxing past on way to 09.

ATC out doing some Gliding Air Experience.

Now Scully has been out doing a bit lately.

Here checking out the back 40.

Then a bit of Pole sitting in the sun.


Then some Grass research.

Later some Door Sitting

Having a clean with her homys


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