Saturday, March 9, 2019

Saturday 9th March turned out rather pleasant and quite hot.

Super Air were getting ready to bug out but slight delay meant a look about & checking out our flying machines.

Here checking out the Sonerai of Kenny's.

and the rest of the Fleet.

Young Fella & his Mum popped in to see what was about. We encourage this at every opportunity.

Tadpole overhead.

I had just taxied the new Kid on the block being Taylor Mono CZH which again calls Stratford home.

What a neat lil machine...Starts every time whether hot or cold.

VDUB power.

Alan tried her on for size. Little known fact Alan had started to build one but sold the plane half way through build. This plane turned into well known Taylor Mono ZK-WEB. The things one learns.

Checking out the Canopy it's a work of art.

The Flight Deck

Alan giving it a hug.. Probably something from his building days. 

Wayne & CZH about to taxi for 27.

SNW just chilling catching some rays.

CZH On the Fly By ain't she pretty.



Gary & The RED BARRON were in late Arvo for a bit.

Alan & RSR about to Blast off 27

Gary trying the Taylor on for size.

Alan off again trying to sort out a radio issue. Think we cracked the issue.


DBZ with Gary heading Ferndene.

Ditto RSR


Nice end to the day sitting on the deck staring at that.

Now as the Germans used to say.

Its arrival is iniment.

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