Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday 31st March (hell already) was warm & quite pleasant.

Gary & TVG were in.

Jason was out also here doing some plane whispering also known as pre-fight.

Isobel just chilling in the Sun.

Ditto SSF although just about to blast off.

Taylor Mono out getting some sun whilst some Hangar work was in process.

JQT & Shaun were in for Gas & wander about.

The gang just chilling.

This fella was flying round in the overhead a couple times.

RVG pushed out into the Sun half dressed so N9992T  could be pushed out.

N9992T appeared from the Hangar

Team Trojan (Concrete Mixers) Appeared in the overhead.

Just Landed 09 

Brett & John looking pretty a stoked

As do Pete & his side Kick.

Lads talking Aviation I suspect.

Checking something out.

Team Trojan about to bug out.

Young Fulla trying on the Taylor Mono for size.

Part of the 50 year upgrade of Club Facilities involved swapping out the old lights for these LED Fluros.

Should be able to see what we doing now & find stuff.

Gary & Mustang heading home. 

Todays Vids here.

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Anonymous said...

Garys spit looks nice what we could see of it